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All consignments from abroad are announced to customs for evaluation (traditions payment and clearance of duties).

In the case of parcels and letters, that is completed because of the provider, e.g. DHL, UPS, Swiss Post, etc., utilising the details given by the transmitter while preparing the traditions statement. The transmitter must make provision for a complete and accurate description for the articles associated with postal product.

The customs statement types the cornerstone when it comes to assortment of duties and fees (traditions duties, value added tax, etc.).

Traditions duties

The traditions duties are often determined based on the gross weight (including packaging), and therefore are often not as much as CHF 1 per kilo. Specially alcohol consumption, tobacco goods, foodstuffs, textiles and jewelry products are topic to higher customs duties and/or other high duties ( e.g. alcohol income tax or spirits taxation). The current customs prices per tariff going are available in the Electronic Customs Tariff – Tares:

For administrative reasons, traditions duties under CHF 5 are not levied.

Value added taxation (importation taxation)

Value included tax quantities to 7,7percent for the evaluation foundation. a lowered price of 2.5% pertains for many items ( ag e.g. foodstuff, publications, mags and medicines). Details are available in Article 25 associated with VAT Act.

Tax amounts of as much as 5 Swiss francs are perhaps maybe maybe not levied. This income tax amount corresponds towards the evaluation foundation of CHF 65 during the 7,7% VAT price or CHF 200 during the 2.5% VAT price.

The evaluation foundation generally comprises the consideration covered those items under consideration. This is applicable additionally for things purchased online. The contract or invoice of purchase types the cornerstone. The market value is taken into account, e.g. in the case of a gift in certain cases. The marketplace value corresponds to your amount that another customer could have had to pay money for the product.

All costs as much as the location in Switzerland ( ag e.g. postal forwarding service) in addition to import duties ( e.g. traditions duties) are included with the assessment foundation.

Foreign VAT is certainly not area of the calculation foundation, offered it really is shown individually regarding the contract or invoice of purchase because of the supplier.

Value details in foreign currency are converted into Swiss francs making use of the change price (forex sell price) noted on the final trading day ahead of the import income tax liability arises, generally the preceding day, trade prices (sell).

If value details aren’t supplied or if there is certainly question regarding the value information, we are able to calculate the worthiness of this items.

Unique conditions

Unique conditions make an application for the re-importation of products upon which traditions responsibility was compensated following processing abroad.

Products purchased online are subject to duties and taxation in conformity with the regulations that are general.

Unique import laws (non-customs legislative instruments)

The importation of particular items is fixed or feasible just with authorisation, and complete import bans are also applicable when it comes to some items. Listed here products in specific are susceptible to limitations or bans ( maybe perhaps not an exhaustive list):

  • Weapons (e.g. fire hands, knives, electric shock instruments, tear fuel sprays, truncheons, etc.)
  • Radar caution products
  • Narcotics and medicines containing narcotics
  • Medicines, doping substances (see Swissmedic)
  • Items containing depictions of pornography or physical violence
  • Pirated products
  • Counterfeited trademarks and designer articles
  • Cultural home
  • Direct imports of pets and animal items from non-EU nations, also pets, animal services and products and flowers prior to CITES types protection

Claiming a refund of foreign value added tax

We can’t refund your international VAT.

Kindly contact the supplier that is foreign any queries on claiming a reimbursement of international value included income tax. The supplier alone can refund the foreign value added taxation or bill you straight without value added taxation. The supplier’s own taxation authority can offer info on your

Foreign traditions administrations

Our company is unable to offer any info on international laws. Please direct your question towards the customs that are foreign.

Refund of import duties and income tax as a result of re-exportation

Home elevators this is often present in publication no. 18.86; Publications.

Free trade agreements / customs preference

Initial products from nations with which Switzerland has concluded a trade that is free or from developing countries can frequently be brought in duty-free or at reduced rates (traditions choice). The decrease is detailed for every single national country into the Electronic Customs Tariff Legitimate proof beginning is mandatory when it comes to importation of alleged items of preferential beginning. Questions in regards to the issuing of certificates of beginning needs to be addressed to your authorities associated with the exporting country.

Customs clearance costs

Courier businesses and Post that is swiss levy prices for their solutions related to traditions approval. These customs approval expenses vary from one company to another location. They generally are known as as “traditions clearance expenses”, but Swiss Customs does not have any impact to them. When you yourself have any concerns on traditions approval expenses, please contact the corresponding business straight.

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